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Record land sales in the west

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Safer streets by design

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An education revolution

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Top players go in to bat

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With over 5,000 people

set to move in to its four

new communities across

the west from early next

year, Dacland is working

with future residents to

lay the foundations for

vibrant neighbourhoods

to flourish.

Managing Director

John C. Dwyer says developers

don’t build communities – people

do – but Dacland is committed

to establishing the essential

groundwork for that to happen.

“Community building is at the

heart of what we do. The urban

spaces that we design, build and

develop are not just made to last

physically, but to evolve in harmony

with the people who live there,”

he said.

“So with construction well

in hand, and our landscape and

design vision being delivered,

our focus now shifts to ensuring

that authentic communities grow,

because that’s what’s going to

matter most in the long run.”

In a recent survey, Dacland

sought local opinion about

existing community assets.

“We chatted to local residents

and key community groups, and

we’ll also draw inspiration from

future residents. We invite people to

share their hopes and ideas with us

as we start defining the blueprints

for each community, and connect

with anyone who’s keen to actively

participate in the journey with us.”

“The sense of belonging and

ownership that this collaboration

generates is key to creating strong

and vibrant communities, so we

provide plenty of opportunity for

residents to connect, share and

contribute,” said Sara Andreadis,

Dacland’s General Manager


The initial survey results indicate

that freely accessible spaces

where new neighbours can gather

informally and simply spend time

with each other are a must.

“It was encouraging to hear

many residents suggesting more

outdoor BBQ facilities, picnic

tables, and attractive parks and

spaces to congregate,” said Sara.

“These features are a cornerstone

of Dacland design, and using

feedback from purchasers we are

keen to tailor the finer details to

meet the specific needs of our future

residents,” Sara said.

Formal activities such as

language classes, sports or arts

programs to share cultural diversity

rated highly. Other suggestions

included indoor and outdoor

places for dances or performances,

picnics, cultural festivals and other

celebrations. Residents highlighted

a range of skills and experience that

they themselves could bring to

the community.

Improving the sense of safety

in public spaces was also top of

mind, as was the theme of informal

ways for young people to connect,

for young mums with kids to hang

out and share stories or advice,

additional spaces for kids’ activities,

and a robust calendar of local

community events.

The focus was definitely

around ways to unite the growing

community, connect neighbours,

and celebrate multicultural


Another central topic was fitness

facilities for residents, particularly

youth who may not have the

means to enrol in organised sports.

Outdoor basketball courts, tennis

courts or multisport fields

were popular suggestions to

encourage social rather than

antisocial behaviour.

Places to exercise with kids in

tow, more sports groups, areas for

yoga and meditation, and outdoor

exercise stations along walking

trails or parklands were popular

proposals by residents keen for

more casual fitness facilities.

Building Better Communities

Play on!

Dacland and the

Western Bulldogs have

agreed to continue

their successful

partnership to

promote healthy

active lifestyles in

the west into 2017.

As a 2016 sponsor, Dacland

supported the Bulldogs’ Whitten

Project leadership programme

for young people in the west, as

well as plenty of sports clinics and

activities for local kids.

Dacland Managing Director

John C. Dwyer said it was a

hugely successful year for both

the Bulldogs and Dacland, and

the partnership will only go from

strength to strength in 2017.

“The Bulldogs have enjoyed

huge on-field success, winning

the ultimate prize, and Dacland’s

had a great year expanding our

communities in the west. We’re

both committed to sharing our

successes with the people of the

west, and in 2017 we’ll continue to

evolve our partnership to do that.

“It’s great to work with a team

who’s as hands-on as we are

about promoting healthy and

active lifestyles.

“In all our communities, every

resident has access to open space

or a community amenity within

one minute of their front door. We

design attractive neighbourhoods

that really encourage people to get

active, and we make our streets as

pedestrian and cyclist friendly

as possible.”

Dacland’s communities in the

west are: King’s Leigh in Werribee,

Rothwell in Tarneit, Wynbrook

in Wyndham Vale and Manzeene

Village in Lara, north of Geelong.

“We’re both committed to

sharing our successes with

the people of the west, and in

2017 we’ll continue to evolve

our partnership to do that.”

John C. Dwyer

Dacland Managing Director

The urban spaces Dacland designs are built to last physically and evolve in harmony

with people who live there.

Spring 2016 | Issue 8