Dacland - Living today (Edition 13)

“We’re delighted to welcome our second group of future residents to King’s Leigh. It’s a very exciting time for our purchasers, who will soon move into their new home, in a brand-new community. We hope these events help residents connect with their future neighbours and encourage them to check out the fantastic local area, that they will soon call home,” said Dacland Customer Relations Officer, Crystal Perry. Dacland has designed King’s Leigh to encourage people to get outdoors and connect, by providing them with outdoor recreational areas and inviting streetscapes. Dacland’s in-house design team are currently planning the first King’s Leigh park, which will soon become a place for residents to meet and play. “We are hoping to have the first of multiple community parks and walkways delivered early next year. The parks design will have some bespoke playscapes for fun and discovery play. It will be an asset to the community by providing a place for active recreation and relaxation that all residents can enjoy,” said Dacland Senior Development Manager, Lewis Cormie. The Dacland Team always enjoy sharing these events with purchasers and were delighted to hear of future residents plans for their new homes. At the event we teamed up with Damon from NBN co and Bambi from Neighbourhood Watch, who provided information for their new homes and getting involved in the community, that they will soon be moving into. Throughout the year to come, we look forward to meeting more future residents at more of these events. Everyone needs good neighbours “When a purchaser buys with Dacland, they place trust in us to deliver a community that will serve their individual needs both now and in the future. We create desirable home sites by designing communities with plenty of green open spaces and waterways, that once delivered will provide useable space for active and passive recreation. For future residents, these spaces will help create a friendly, safe neighbourhood that they can be proud to call home.” Lewis Cormie, Dacland Senior Development Manager How will Dacland communities benefit future residents? MEET THE DACLAND TEAM Recently, Dacland hosted it’s second ‘meet your neighbours’ event at King’s Leigh in Werribee, so that future residents, who will soon commence their build, could meet each other. Page 11 ~ Summer 2018 A Real Sense Of Place / Free