Dacland - Living today (Edition 13)

FromWales to Manzeene Get active this Summer with the Western Bulldogs After migrating to Australia in 2013, Bryan, Karen and their two sons, Owen (17) and Rees (15) decided to put down permanent roots at Manzeene Village in Lara. The family had always been fond of Australia, having lived in Point Cook for a year in 2005. That’s why when the opportunity came to return for work in 2013, they quickly made the decision to move back to Point Cook. “We’ve always been fond of Australia, we migrated to Point Cook in 2013 because we knew the area well. After staying here for 18 months, we decided it was time to make our stay permanent and purchase land,” said Bryan. “Point Cook had lots of new infrastructure and was not so homely anymore, so we decided to look elsewhere.” The family would often drive past Lara, as they would spend weekends on the surf coast. They were drawn to the area for its peaceful country feel and simplicity. “We often spend weekends heading to the surf coast, and would drive past Lara on our way. We were drawn to Lara’s country- town feel and decided to check out the local area. That’s when we discovered Manzeene Village and found a lifestyle, that was well suited to our needs,” said Bryan. “Lara has lots of established infrastructure, so it isn’t really baron or anything. There are local shops, a train station and schools nearby.” After missing out on a couple of opportunities to purchase, Bryan and Karen developed a good rapport with the Manzeene Estate Manager, Brooke and it wasn’t long before they were able to secure a block that was perfect for their new home. “It was the right timing, the right block and the right price,” said Bryan. The family plans to build a 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom home with Dennis Family Homes. Their new home will provide them with more space as they get older and room to host guests and family, who regularly visit from overseas. “We have a feeling our boys will stay at home until they are 30, and regularly have visits from our friends from overseas. It was important to find a home with enough space for everyone,” said Bryan. Dacland communities are designed to encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Our communities are shaped by outdoor recreational spaces and inviting streetscapes, within walking distance of resident’s homes, encouraging families to get out and about together. Throughout the year, Dacland will continue to work with the Western Bulldogs across a range of community initiatives in Melbourne’s West, which will encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Dacland General Manager of Marketing, Sara Andreadis notes that the partnership is an excellent means of supporting connection within the community. “We are delighted to be working with the Western Bulldogs to enrich the lifestyles of our residents across our communities. We believe that it’s very important for families to live healthy and active lifestyles. Our communities are carefully considered to ensure that local parks, walkways and inviting streetscapes encourage families to get out and about in their neighbourhood,” said Sara. During the Summer, there are many fun, family-friendly ways to spend a day in our communities, whether it be a day at a local park, heading to the coast or even going for a family bike ride. Here’s what the Western Bulldogs got up to during their Summer break. “I absolutely love being able to spend time outdoors with the kids in summer when the weather is nice and warm.” – Dale Morris we discovered Manzeene Village and found a lifestyle, that was well suited to our needs - Bryan, Manzeene Village Purchaser “Throughout the Christmas break it was great to get away down to the beach and spend some time with the family.” – Mitch Wallis “During summer it’s vital to stay in shape and being able to train outdoors over the holidays was a bonus.” – Jordan Roughead Bryan, Karen, Owen (17) and Rees (15) were drawn to Manzeene’s peaceful country feel. A Real Sense Of Place / Free Page 5 ~ Summer 2018