Dacland - Living today (Edition 13)

First home buyers, Jessica and Tommy, are amongst the very first residents at Lochaven in Cranbourne West. The couple, who have just moved into the community, are enjoying the first moments they spend in their new home. “We’re very excited to have moved into our new home at Lochaven, we’ve started checking out the local supermarkets. Everything we need is nearby and very convenient,” said Jess. “The community is coming together nicely, we already have a couple of neighbours in our street. We cannot wait for future amenities to be built too, having a supermarket, school and park within walking distance of our home, will be a great as we settle into our home.” Shortly after beginning their search to find a home, the bright colours of Lochaven’s logo caught Jessica’s eye. “We had been driving around the Cranbourne area, when we saw Lochaven’s logo. We visited the sales office and really liked what the community had to offer. We quickly decided it was the perfect place for us to build our home and booked an appointment at the release which was just 2 days later,” said Jessica. “We always wanted to live in Cranbourne, it’s a new area with lots of things to do. The estates were also smaller offering us the charm of living in a secluded community.” When they began selecting a builder, Jessica and Tommy were looking for a home, that would suit their individual needs. For Jessica, an alfresco and big pantry were particularly important. The couple also wanted a floorplan that had the master bedroom in the middle of the house. “We wanted a floorplan that would support our lifestyle, this helped us narrow down our search to just a few builders. That’s why we chose to build a single storey, 3-bedroom home with Beachwood,” said Jessica. Jessica who works as a chef at the MCG, and Tommy who studies gaming design and arts in the city, both plan to commute to work using the local train station, which is just a short walk away. “The local train station is well- serviced and will make it easy for us to get to the city each day,” said Jessica. The couple, are looking forward to seeing more residents move into the streets surrounding their home and are particularly excited for Lochaven’s creek lands to be brought to life. “I grew up in Keysborough, which had a really nice lake near our home. I cannot wait for the parks and walking paths to be created, it will make the community such a beautiful place to live.” Jessica and Tommy are enjoying the first moments they spend in their new home. Scott and Wayne were drawn to King’s Leighs planned parks and proximitity to the freeway. New beginnings at Lochaven “We always wanted to live in Cranbourne, it’s a new area with lots of things to do.” – Jessica, Lochaven Resident. King’s Leigh was smaller than the other estates too, it offered us the charm of living in a tight knit community – Scott, King’s Leigh Resident When Scott and Wayne, first purchased their block at King’s Leigh they were particularly excited to build a place of their own. “It was important for us to build a house together, we really wanted to share that sense of home ownership and create a place that we could call our own,” said Scott. “When we began searching for a place to build our home, we looked at other nearby estates but were drawn to King’s Leighs planned parks and proximity to the freeway. King’s Leigh was smaller than the other estates too, it offered us the charm of living in a tight knit community.” Scott who works as a chef, and Wayne who works as a software training specialist in the Melbourne CBD were delighted by the community’s prime location and proximity to the Princes Freeway, which makes it easier for them both to get to and from work each day. “We have just moved into our new home at King’s Leigh although it is very much a construction zone, we are absolutely stoked at how close the freeway is. It literally takes 2 minutes to access from our home,” said Scott. Home for Scott and Wayne is now a single storey house with three bedrooms and a large backyard with a veggie garden, and plenty of space for their 3 dogs to play. “We decided to downsize to a single storey home, with just enough room for us and a large backyard for our dogs. Our previous house was quite large, and we didn’t need the extra space,” said Scott. “We have already started planting trees and building a veggie patch in our backyard. It’s really nice to see our home start to take its shape.” As construction at King’s Leigh continues to progress, Scott and Wayne are particularly looking forward to meeting neighbours in adjoining blocks and walking their dogs along the winding paths of the King’s Leigh waterway each day. “We’ve always been drawn to King’s Leighs winding parks and waterways, once it is complete it will be the perfect place to take our dogs for walks.” A place of our own at King’s Leigh A Real Sense Of Place / Free Page 9 ~ Summer 2018