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Team spirit shines at Bulldogs kids’ clinic

Spirits were high as 400

kids attended the Western

Bulldog’s Dahlhaus

Clubhouse Kids’ Clinic

at Whitten Oval, proudly

sponsored by Dacland.

Nine-year-old Samson was awarded

best on ground for his impressive

ball skills. And his great attitude

on the day was as inspiring as his

footy skills - when it turned out

that his younger brother Murphy,

didn’t have a full membership

entitlement to attend the clinic,

Samson offered up his own pocket

money to upgrade the membership

so Murphy could enjoy the day too.

What a champion!

True Bulldog supporters, the

whole family flew down from

Canberra so that Samson (9) and

his two brothers – Murphy (7) and

Ronan (11) could attend the clinic as

well as the Bulldogs vs Tigers game

that weekend.

It was well worth the trip, as

Sampson was awarded a match

ball and poster signed by Western

Bulldogs superstar Jake Stringer

along with sports goodies

from Dacland.

Congratulations to a very

deserving winner!

See inside for more stories on

Dacland’s partnership with the

Western Bulldogs.

Discerning homebuyers

are moving to Melbourne’s

west seeking a better

lifestyle with access to

key amenities, education

and employment. Dacland

is at the forefront of this

boom creating beautiful

new communities where

people want to be.

Dacland residents will be living

right at the heart of the fastest

growing outer suburban region

in Australia. It’s becoming one of

Australia’s most progressive places

to live in terms of population

growth, services and amenities.

With construction well

underway across four impressive

communities, Dacland is one of the

west’s fastest selling and busiest

developers, and is contributing

to the prestigious development

of the region.

But there’s more to creating

a real sense of community than

just proximity to transport,

infrastructure and growth. “The

vital measure of a successful

community is when the people

living there feel a sense of

belonging, pride and ownership,”

said Dacland’s Managing Director

John C. Dwyer.

This view was strongly

supported by residents who

took part in Wyndham City

Council’s 2040 Vision community

consultation, which noted that

development in the area should

respect, preserve and protect the

natural environment and create

appealing, accessible open spaces

for the community to share.

This positive outlook is perfectly

aligned with Dacland’s approach to

creating quality communities.

“A home in any of Dacland’s fast

emerging communities in the west

means access to comprehensive

services and amenities, and

proximity to work and leisure via

all-important transport routes,”

says John. “But we also understand

that vibrant communities are places

where neighbours can enjoy each

other’s company and thrive in the

environment they create together.”

“Great communities encourage

people to feel proud of where they

live, and take good care of their

homes and of each other. This

outcome is key to our community

design, and is clearly resonating

with homebuyers who tell us that

the communities we’ve designed

reflect the ideals they are looking

for in a home and neighbourhood,”

John said.

Best on ground winner Samson (centre)

and his brothers Ronan and Murphy

travelled from Canberra to take part.

Prime position – communities strengthen

Melbourne’s west

Winter 2016 | Issue 7