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Earlier this month, Manjit

and Amandep began

building their new home

at Manzeene Village in

Lara. The couple who run

a transport business in

Geelong together, are both

looking forward to their

new life in the community.

“It’s going to be really good, we like

having access to the freeway. We

both work in Geelong which is 20

minutes away, having access to the

freeway will make it easy to run our

business,” said Manjit.

“Manzeene offers us a really

good lifestyle. We can easily visit

our friends who are living in the

West, commute to Melbourne and

visit the coast on our weekends.”

After months of searching for

a place to build their home, the

couple were referred to Manzeene

Village by their builder at Carlisle

Homes. They instantly fell in love

with the lifestyle Lara had to offer.

“It is the perfect place to

raise our family, there’s plenty of

parkland in the community for

our children to play and activities

nearby for us to do as a family on

weekends,” said Manjit.

“The price was very reasonable

and we were able to build a spacious

home for our growing family.”

Manjit and Amandep have built

a single storey home, with four

bedrooms and two bathrooms

allowing for spacious family living.

Being closer to family and friends is

a priority for the couple, who have

just had a baby boy.

“We regularly catch up with

friends on the weekend, to play

cricket and listen to the music we

like. Raising our family close to

family and friends is a priority for

us,” said Manjit.

“We are looking forward to

becoming part of a tight knit

community, and getting to know

our future neighbours as they

begin to move in as well.”

Manjit and his family are looking forward to meeting their future neighbours.

“We can easily visit our

friends who are living in

the West, commute to

Melbourne and visit the

coast on our weekends.”


Manzeene purchaser.

Winter 2017 | Issue 11